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Whiskey Mash Recipe: Real “Popcorn” Moonshine

Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was one of the last real moonshine runners in the US. Marvin committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning on March 16, 2009 before having to report to federal prison.  He was a fascinating character….


Rye Whiskey, American

There are two types of whiskies you will find labeled “Rye Whiskey”, American rye whiskey which according to US law has specific requirements that we will discuss in this article…


Whiskey or Whisky? Which Spelling is Correct?

So, is it spelled Whiskey or Whisky? The 1st thing that needs to be understood is that there exist 2 accepted spellings. The Scotts and Canadians spell whisky with no…


Irish Whiskey

In the 18 century Ireland had around 2000 stills in operation producing Irish whiskey. Today there are only 4 distilleries in operations. These are Cooley, Kilbeggan, New Midleton and Old…