Whiskey Mash Recipe: Damn Good Whiskey

Glass Of Whisky
Damn Good Whiskey is a recipe that does not require cooking.  It is simple to prepare and can be fermented in the same container that was used to make the mash.  Ingredients are readily available at local grocer, brew shops and online.


  1. Liquid Malt Extract (Unhopped), 1 can (~3.3 Lbs\1.5 kg)
  2. Sugar, 5 Lbs (2.27 kg)
  3. Yeast (Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for quantity)
  4. Water (~19 L)


  1. Mash Tun (Fermentation Container): 6 Gallon food grade plastic bucket, 6 gallon glass carboy, copper barrel, etc.
    Note: Do not use an aluminum container to make your mash!


  1. Add Liquid Malt Extract to 5 gallons of clean fresh warm water. Note: We are not going to boil this mixture. Boiling can reduce the amount of fermentable sugars available.
  2. Add 5 lbs. of white sugar to the malt and warm water mixture. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. Let the mixture cool until it is below 86º F\30º C. If the water is too hot it could kill the yeast. Once the correct temperature has been achieved, pitch in the yeast. Refer to the manufacturer recommendation for the quantity of yeast to add to your mash.

Cover the mash tun with cheese cloth or a fermentation bung if using a carboy.  This will prevent particle and bugs from getting into the fermenting mash.  CO2 will be produced during the fermentation process so make sure the mash tun is located in a well ventilated area.  Fermentation will take approximately 4 days.