Whiskey Mash Recipe: Corn Whiskey

This corn whiskey recipe is a little more involved because the corn needs to be sprouted.  However, the end product and the entire process is very satisfying as there are many interesting tasks that are needed to make this very special corn whiskey.


  1. Whole untreated kernel corn, 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  2. Water, 5 Gallons (~19 L)
  3. Champagne yeast (Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for quantity)


  1. Burlap sack.  Yup…a burlap sack.
  2. Mash Tun (Fermentation Container): 6 Gallon food grade plastic bucket, copper barrel, etc.  Do not use a carboy because the small opening for filling will prove to make things difficult.
    Note: Do not use an aluminum container to make your mash!


  1. Place the whole untreated corn kernels into the burlap sack. If you like you can divide the corn into two burlap sacks if this will simplify handling.
  2. Pour warm water into the burlap sack making sure that all the corn is wet. One option is to place the sack of corn into a bucket while pouring the water.
  3. Put corn bag in a warm, dark location. In about 8-10 days sprouts will protrude from the bag.
  4. When sprouts are approximately ¼ inch pour the corn into a bucket of water. Using your hands stir and agitate the corn removing any sprouts or roots which can be discarded.
  5. Put corn into the primary fermenter and crush the kernels so all of them have been cracked open. This can be done with a solid rolling pen, pipe with a closed end, etc. Get creative here.
  6. Add 5 gallons of boiling water. This will help convert some of the corn starches to fermentable sugars.
  7. Let mash cool to around 86º F\30º C and then pitch the yeast.
  8. Ferment. This will take anywhere between 5-10 days depending on yeast, temp and available nutrients.
  9. When fermentation has completed strain or siphon mixture into still leaving behind as many solids as possible.